Monday, May 23, 2011

Tiberias - Fail

What is it with dairy restaurants being unable to deliver what they list on the menu?  If half the ingredients are missing, don't serve it.

On the way back from Japan Day and Japan Block Fair, went to Tiberias, a kosher, dairy restaurant in Manhattan, located on 34th, between Park and Madison.  Ordered Latte, two French Onion Soups and Fettuccini Alfredo.  Latte had a cute drawing of a cup of coffee in the foam and the soup was descent.

The menu lists Fettucini [sic] Alfredo as Flat long pasta cooked in cream sauce, mozzarella, portabello and champigon [sic] mushrooms.  There may have been mozzarella in there.  There was definitely no portabello and while there was half of a fresh champignon, the rest were of the canned variety.  We were charged $15.95 for this failed attempt at Fettuccine Alfredo.

Half an hour after eating, wife and I both had indigestion.

The menu is small, the prices are high and ingredients are missing.

Interestingly, their website is a joke and uses free hosting, same as the other restaurants where we had a bad experience.  Lesson of the day, if the management can't be bothered to put up a good, functional website, avoid.


  1. I think they are mostly targeting Stern students. The main advantage that Tiberias has is that it is open 24/7 and is located right across the street from one of the Stern dormitory buildings. When students are hungry in the middle of the night, I doubt they'll care if their fettuccine alfredo has mushrooms or not. I actually just made a 2 AM run to Tiberias for a late night dinner, so I'm quite thankful that I didn't have to starve.

  2. There's no stove or microwave there and nobody knows how to cook?

  3. Because when we're studying all night for finals we have time to cook? And microwaved food just isn't the same... I have been living off Tiberias food for the past few days because of finals, and anything that gets me through that depressing part of the year is good in my book. :]

  4. Nebach
    Go buy food in Eden Wok and nuke it later.

  5. You seem to be forgetting that I'm a vegetarian.

  6. Am not. Was just there actually. Went to eat after watching Bridesmaids.
    They have sushi and they have vegetarian food.