Monday, January 18, 2010

th (table header cell) has not been deprecated

Two programmers I'm working with seem to not know what th is or how to use it. One went so far is to put a div with a class in order to make something bold. The other only used an h2. Why they couldn't use th and changed text alignment in css is beyond me. Note that all of these contained headers and th is specifically used for table header cells.

Both of them also used span and div with a class inside td instead of just assigning the class to the td. Again, no idea what the logic was.

Another pet peeve is assigning a class to every single child of an element instead of assigning a class to the parent and using inheritance.


  1. dude i have no clue what that means! does anyone else?

  2. They just need to read some good but not thick book about good coding techniques. I can recommend few and even land one or two of these if they will be returned in good condition and read through within two weeks.

  3. @shimon I think a few more than a few books are needed. Common sense is a mandatory! :)

  4. Nothing to do with books or common sense. After being told how to do things correctly, these morons still continue to do it wrong.