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Castle Age FAQ/Guide

UPDATED: 1/05/10
Added stats

Oracle -> Demi-Power
  • Make sure to receive your blessing every 24/48 hours.
  • Stick to one Demi Power, preferably the one that gives you a +5/+10 bonus.
  • Each Demi grants a different item as a final reward, these are very important for duels and monsters.
  • Besides rewards, you get stat bonuses: Ambrosia - Energy, Malekus - Attack, Corvintheus - Defense, Aurora - Health, Azeron - Stamina.
Town -> Land
  • Buy land in sets of 10 only. Price goes up after each purchase and buying 10 at a time gives most land for least money.
  • Don't buy too much of 1 type of land. I recommend 10 towers, 10 temples, 20 marketplaces, 20 mountain keeps and 10 each of all the rest.
  • Before buying, sell whatever land of that type you got for free from monster fights to amount owned to 0 or 10.
Quests -> Quest
  • Don't jump too fast from land to land. You need to build up enough income to offset upkeep costs.
  • Do each quest and subquest 4 times. Each time you complete a quest, you get a stat point. Also, you get achievements for completing a certain number of quests.
  • Do Demi Quests. This is one of the ways to get magic and also you can get energy potions and upkeep free units.
  • Make sure to use the general shown in the picture or you won't gain influence.
  • SubQuests don't have a general requirement. Use Sano to do these to gain influence faster.
  • Use subquests to quickly level your best generals, Celesta, Sano, Dante and Vanquish.
  • Switch to Sophia, Elena, Terra or Elizabeth Lione before doing a quest that will push you to next level to get some free energy.
Keep -> Achievements -> Monster Achievements
  • You get achievements for doing assists so do these even if you're already in the middle of a fight.
  • To get a monster achievement, you need to slay a certain number of monsters, but, you need to also deal a minimum amount of damage or the kill will not be counted.
  • Use Sano for subquests.
  • Use Celesta when defending in monster battles. Switch to Dante once you're able to get him.
  • Use Zarevock when attacking in monster battles. Switch to Vanquish once you're able to get her.
  • In each land, there's a general that gives a max energy increase. Use these before leveling for some free energy.
  • Use subquests to quickly level your generals.
Keep -> Monster
  • Don't fight too many monsters at once, you need to deal minimum damage for a monster to count towards an achievement and you need to deal enough damage to get good loot.
  • The more damage and healing you do, the better loot you get once the monster is killed.
  • Power attacking deals more damage than attacking 5 times.
  • It's possible to get items, like Poseidon's horn or Dragon Charm, from a loot drop and not have to craft them.
  • You can earn 10 demi points per demi power per day.
  • Invade uses army size, Duel uses stats and best items.
  • Don't attack players who's rank will give you no or very few batle points.
  • As you gain more Battle Points, you'll gain ranks and will be awarded skill points and items, however, you can get much better items from monster fights.
  • Winning a certain number of invaasions and battles will grant you achievements.
Keep -> Stats
  • Never, ever spend skill points on health, ever. Having more health just means it'll take longer to kill you, you'll still lose the battle.
  • Don't waste favor points to increase your army size. You need to friend real people who will send you gifts and will help you with boss battles and vice versa.
  • I tend to put 2 points in Energy, 2 in Defense and 1 in Attack.
  • Don't forget to increase Stamina, but don't waste all your points on it. It's good to have enough Stamina so that it's recharging while you're not playing.
  • Don't forget you get free stat increases demi powers.

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