Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes the customer is right

The Jewish Side introduced me to the awesomeness that is Not Always Right.  The site is a collection of stories submitted by tech support, store employees, etc. about idiot customers.  The stories usually include location and city/state/country.

I came upon one interesting story.  I'm pretty surprised close to 800 people gave this a thumbs up...

That’s Nothing A Little Duct Tape Can’t Fix

Customer: “I want a computer where I can type in Russian and it will print in English.”
Me: “Sir, I’m afraid we don’t have Russian keyboards.”
Customer: “No, that’s fine. I’ll just tape Russian letters on.”
Me: “Sir, it will still be an English keyboard.”
Customer: “Okay, so what if I glue the letters on?”
Me: *thunk thunk thunk* “Still English.”

Now here's an example where the customer is right while the salesperson or whoever submitted this is a moron.  Keyboard is an input device that has letters glued on it.  There is no such thing as an English keyboard, the keyboard doesn't send letters to the computer, or even codes of letters.  The keyboard sends the location of key pressed. In Windows, there are files which map keys pressed to letters.  These can be in any language as long as you install it.  More so, you can even reassign letters to different keys.  In my Russian keyboard, letters are assigned based on what they sound like.

I really hope this wasn't the owner of the place...


  1. I was wondering as I was reading this that it didn't make sense for the keyboard to only type English. That just like you can use it for Hebrew you should be able to use it for Russian, just need the language support.

    btw, random question, what kind of yarmulka do you wear? I forgot...

  2. At the moment, white srugi. Got it for Yom Kippur and then ended up wearing it all the time. In general, any. Black, white, blue, etc. Whichever's clean...

  3. o, so it was you that I saw the other day, I wasn't sure...You were pushing a double carriage down ave M.

  4. I think it was On Thursday. By like M and E. 19th.

  5. Haha. My first reaction was:

    TECH GEEK! and then I realized holy crap you're right...

    And btw, Nochum is SO CUTE!!! That curly little mop of hair is adorable! :)

  6. One is forbidden to wear FURS(shtreimels, spodiks) by the orders of the Holy Office of the Kehilas Moreshes Yakov and the Mirer Yeshiva Central Institution.
    One MUST, however, wear Borsalino-downbrim hats, even if one cannot read Jewish("Hebrew"), even if this hats resemble the ones kolchoz(collective farm) accountants wore once in the Old Country

  7. WTF are you talking about? Where in this post or comments do you see any mention of any hats? You seriously need to learn English. You don't know what convenience means and you seem to have problems with reading comprehension too.

    Do I care? No. I wore hat once on my wedding so I don't care what THEY say and I don't really care what you say.

  8. I do have Aspergers', that's why it looks like I "seiously need to learn English" and I "seem to have problems with reading comprehension too".
    Somehow I made it trough Law School, with its convoluted language.
    Everything I write corresponds to the Standard English Usage, more so in the view of Col. McCormick,antisemitic founder of "Chicago Tribune"; I was diagnosed to have a very high verbal IQ.
    But, of course, mental health science is a total nonsence in the eyes of Rabbi Broggg or Mir Institution Rabbis, including Vitaliks, Kozlovs and others
    You know the story of Isaac Hersh who they(Rabbis) sent to Jamaica boot camp because he had a learning disability.

  9. News flash, Mir is not the only school in NY. Unlike redneck TX where there is only one school.

  10. Proud to be an American!
    Jimmiy Breslin wanted to make New York City into the separate State.
    Wasn't so far off...

  11. That went from a discussion about keyboards to asberger's to rednecks.

    Such versatility!

  12. wow.
    i don't post about work, but i could tell some great stories about idiot customers

  13. Post anonymously on notalwayright.