Saturday, May 12, 2007


Using the alternate CD, I've finally managed to install XUbuntu Feisty. Not only has the 450MHz Compaq piece of crap stopped crashing, it's now running faster.
One of the things I love about Ubuntu is the Add/Remove programs function. Never before has it been easier to find and install what you need. Whether you want a game, an office application or a system application, all you have to do is scroll through the available programs, click the one you want, and you have it. The best part, they're all free.
Now all that's left is to make all my friends with old computers install Ubuntu or XUbuntu.
With Dell embracing Ubuntu and HP on the way, the only thing that's keeping Ubuntu from taking the upper hand is games. Dual booting is an option, however, with Micro$oft stopping distribution of XP and Vista's horrible compatibility issues and Wine's spotty performance, all we can hope for is that either someone makes a more stable program for running windows applications in linux or that game companies will start coming out with linux versions of their games.

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