Thursday, May 10, 2007


Added RSS to my site. One channel for news and one for Daf Yomi. Also, finally moved my news posts into a database instead of adding them by hand every time. The admin page and RSS feeds were very easy to write. I'm finally adding a programming section to my site and the first article will be about setting up RSS feeds using PHP and MySQL. The only real snag I hit while working on the feeds was that Google Reader takes its time refreshing feeds. There's a refresh button, but it doesn't seem to do anything other than refresh the window. It doesn't actually refresh its cache. Adding items to my feed and not seeing them in the Reader made me think they were formatted wrong, but googling the problem led to find out that Google Reader may take a few hours to refresh the feed.
On another note, I finally got a tape for my camcorder. My son, who's now 15 months old, was very much enjoying the show when I flipped the screen towards him so he could watch himself eat. Now with the tape, I can tape the cute faces he was making.

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