Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Castleville Outranked / One Up bug

Many, many people have had issues with the Outranked / One Up mission in Castleville. Using a Gloom Dragon Potion would produce a warning that "You already have one gloom dragon in your kingdom". Meanwhile, activating Myrick's Flask would produce no results.

I have posted on both Zynga forums, submitted their google docs form, waited for weeks for a reply and all with no results. Meanwhile the bug report post has grown to over 200 comments of people having the same exact problem.

I noticed, among the comments, a moderator saying to send a DM on twitter and that's exactly what I tried.
I sent the following to @ZyngaSupport
"castleville, outranked/one up, can't summon dragon, can't defeat dragon supposedly already there. uid [uid]"

In less than 3 hours the issue was fixed!
I got my uid from this page.

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