Monday, April 2, 2012

Pesach Cleaning 2012

Unless you're a crazy chareidi or an even more crazy BT, your main concern before Pesach is the stove, with secondary being the fridge.  To add insult to injury, my stove has small pipes all over and is hard to clean.

Today, Nicole Levine from Home Clean Home, sent over two guys who are outright homicidal when it comes to chometz and dirt.  While I only asked them to clean the stove and fridge, within only two hours they managed to not only make the fridge and stove look brand new, they cleaned the window, window sill and cabinet doors until they shined.  They didn't just do a good job, they did a damn good job.  And then they also put all the food back in the fridge.

The job was done fast and well and no micro-management was required.  If you want a clean home for Pesach, get Home Clean Home.