Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chamah Shabbaton

We finally made it to Chamah Shabbaton at Stamford Plaza Hotel in Stamford, CT.  Though we overpaid by $100 because of late registration.  In general, we liked the shabbaton and will go next year too.

First, let's get the bitching out of the way.  The Kensigton/Midwood bus for people without cars leaves from a location not very accessible without a car.  The children's programs are not very organized, start late, and 3 year olds are stuck between babysitting and a 4-7 group.  Shabbat davening is horribly slow, includes long aliyah sale and is in a badly ventilated room.  Food at melav malka was not served until 11pm and this is having in mind that most people are there with kids.

However, there is a children's program, which is great for older children and they even eat separately and are served more kid friendly food.  There is a pool with separate hours and a gym.  Stamford Plaza has complimentary wifi and cable, with a big screen TV.  Within a mile of the hotel, there is a mikvah and 2 minutes away there is a shopping center which has children's clothes, food, beer, and baby needs.

Things to have in mind when registering and packing:

  1. Each room has a large bed with a single frame but separate mattresses.  There's also a fold out couch.
  2. Each room comes with an iron (no ironing board), a large screen TV with free cable and a small coffee machine with complimentary coffee.
  3. You can request a fridge through Chamah at a discount rate of $15/night.
  4. There are 4 elevators, 2 of which are switched to shabbos mode on shabbos.
  5. 2 minutes away, literally 2 minutes away, is a shopping center.  Exit from main entrance and walk left 1 block.
  6. There are 2 children's clothing stores, including Children's Place.
  7. There's a CVS.
  8. There's a supermarket, Stop & Shop, which has a kosher aisle, baby supplies and beer.  Walk past Staples and use the stairs on the other side of the road to reach it.
  9. Use FourSquare and KosherGPS apps to discover places around the hotel.


  1. What food did they have by Melave Malka? Did Russia's chief Rabbi Berl Lazar come to give a speech and what time?

  2. Are you asking about this year's shabbaton or last year's?
    This is about the 2012 shabbaton.