Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unintelligent Design - Multi-page forms

How does a normal programmer handle multi-page forms?  Use a hidden "page" form element with the value being the page number.  Then use switch on the page variable.

How does an "innovative" programmer handle the same problem?  On each page, place a hidden form element named page1, page2, page3, etc.  Then use if/else checking if the variable exists.


  1. There's another option.
    Use jQuery to simulate 3 pages, with everything being on one form :)

    All solved! I wonder if/how people screw that up?

  2. An example of what was mention on jQuery would be this -

  3. And then you need to add ajax and a separate page to generate xml because subsequent pages have dynamic content. And then you need to create a mobile friendly version.
    Just because you saw something cool yesterday, doesn't mean you should be applying it to everything without thinking.