Sunday, January 2, 2011

Universal Pictures' new rental policy

Last night, we watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World.  I very much liked the movie, what I didn't like is the company who distributed the movie, Universal Pictures.

After watching the movie, I wanted to watch the specials, deleted scenes and bloopers.  While the menus and lists of clips are all there, if you try clicking anything, you will be met with a message that since you obtained this DVD semi-legally, i.e. rented it instead of honestly paying money for the movie, and are taking away food from the starving families of Universal Pictures' execs, you are not entitled to view the specials.  If, after watching the movie, you would like to actually see the specials, you will have to pay the full price of the DVD to view them.

Yes, all of you who are paying extra to Netflix to be able to view the DVD at home instead of streaming it are actually pirates and are stealing from the poor people at Universal.  So shame on you!

Why am I paying for Netflix?  Not everything is easy to find for download, especially HD.  Why am I paying for streaming +1 DVD? I like specials, specifically deleted scenes and bloopers.  Why should I rent Universal Pictures movies from Netflix instead of downloading?  I honestly don't know.

Good job Universal!  You new campaign to promote DVD sales and fight piracy is well thought out and extremely logical!


  1. they are complete idiots moshe! now no one will by universal pictures dvds anyway and they still wont see the extras they put on netflix dvds. i wonder if they do this on the dvds they have at the library? hmmm...

  2. Interesting. I did notice that some Netflix dvds seemed to be printed specifically for Netflix. Maybe library ones are normal.