Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mafia Wars - Adding building materials to Wishlist

After Zynga updated the Inventory page.  Adding items to wishlist stopped working, at least for me.  Clicking on the green "+" doesn't work in Chrome or FireFox.
Here's how to fix the problem in Chrome:

  1. Right-click on item picture and choose "Inspect element".
  2. Click on arrow next to detailed_wishlist div to open it.
  3. Click arrow next to wislistIcon div.
  4. Click on a element with WishlistController.addLoot event.
  5. In right column, double-click on the space between { } of and enter position:absolute;left:1px; and hit enter.
  6. Click on the now working "+".


  1. Can u give screen shot also for this step? cant found it :(

  2. Actually, they now seem to be working, at least in Chrome. And not all building materials can be added to wish list. I'm able to add Vegas but not Italy.

  3. ya, thats what i mean, is there any ways to add item that there is no ADD TO WISHLIST button on that item to your wishlist? ^_^

  4. There are links on the Mafia Wars wiki site, but they weren't working last time I checked.
    It may be possible to do it using Chrome's Dev Tools or Chrome's JS console.
    You'd need to get the id of the item and then either try executing the add function in JS console or editing it and changing id and then clicking on add link.

  5. Tried it with Italian Hardwood, id 2600, got error message that it's invalid.
    You can check id by right clicking inspect on the item in Items Search.
    The id is in the div above, itemCardInv_[id]

  6. did u give space on your Wishlist before u try to add Italian Harwood? I'm using chrome, will try it Moshe ^_^

  7. i think its not working anymore since they change the inventory looks. Okey, tyvm Moshe ^_^