Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anti-Semites on FaceBook

Newest addition: Hank Cardinal

List of possibly American anti-semites on FaceBook:

Austin Chapa (Winter Part, FL)

Gabriel Perurena (Austin, TX)

Hank Cardinal (Saddle Lake, Alberta, Canada)
Owner of Dr. Hank's Hrebal Remedies

John Matthew Taylor (South Jersey, NJ)

Ken Robin Johnson (Stavanger, Norway)

Morgan Launikitis


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  2. And what would that accomplish. FB doesn't take down all the anti-Semitic Muslim groups. And these posts were from Hitler groups. Apparently FB has no problem with it.

  3. I know Gabriel Perurena - he was born in argentina and is of german descent - I very much doubt he's a real anti-semite because I've travelled to germany and germans are very much against anti-semitism now. He was probably being ironic.