Sunday, May 31, 2009


First, here's the menu:
Hot chocolate, milk soup, tilapia in cheddar, mac n' cheese, greek salad, cheese blintzes, ravioli, cheese cake and ice cream.

Cheeses eaten with white wine:
Blue, brie, le marcaire, smoked cheddar, and cranberry with port wine cheese.

Several years ago, I bought a few good cheese for Shavuot and ate them with wine with my friend.  After all the wine and cheese, we were wasted like never before.  We barely crawled to shul and drinking a cup of coffee where one third of the cup was coffee and the rest water didn't help.

Having the above incident in mind, I warned my friends, different ones, who came over not to eat too much of the weird cheeses.  Well, the cheeses tasted too good and my warning went unheeded.  After coming to shul, I offered my friend who ate by me some x-mas tea, mint with white tea, but he shrugged it off.

For the afternoon meal, we went to the above mentioned friends.  Turns out that the dude felt so nasty afterwards that he thought he may need to go to the hospital.  At the meal, he refused to eat anything dairy and claimed to swear off cheese until at least next Shavuot.  I, of course, being the good friend that I am, made sure to make fun of him throughout the meal.

Let this be a warning to everyone else.  If you don't usually eat aged or imported fine cheeses, don't spend Shavuot night stuffing yourself with assorted cheese and milk products.  You will feel like crap and you will wish to have never laid eyes on said cheese in the first place.

This has been a public service announcement.


  1. Other than the cheese and wine, that menu sounds delicious!
    On a completely different note -- you read anime/manga stuff, right? Do you know of any where the author's (or as I've seen on some websites it's not an author, but a creator) last name starts with an X?

  2. Are you talking about anime or manga?
    Something that starts with X doesn't sound like a Japanese name. Any other details? Something in particular you're looking for?

    There's an anime and manga called X. It's made by CLAMP. Not one of my favorites. Though I like their other stuff.

  3. lol. sounds like a yummy menue. Too bad the only things that sound normal are the cheesecake and icecream. curious: what is milk soup?

    too bad abt your friend. but he should have listened to u. i would have laughed too.

  4. Milk mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon and poured over pieces of bread and strawberries.

    Mac n cheese and cheese blintzes aren't normal?! What did you eat?!

  5. Fortunately or unfortunately, SubHub is a meat and potato kind of guy, so we had cheesecake with coffee in the morning, the rest of fleishigs. Oh and caesar salad for seuda shlishit. In all honestly, makes my life easier.

  6. I'm a meat guy, not even salads, but once a year, gotta have some fun.
    And milchig is a lot faster and easier to cook. Mac n cheese took about 10 minutes if not less. Ravioli were frozen and so were the blintzes. Tilapia was also fast.

    Greek salad:
    Thin slices of green pepper.
    Grape tomatoes cut in half.
    Large tomatoe cut into triangles.
    Large half moon pieces of cucumber.
    Thin slices of red onion.
    Some leafy salad.
    Black olives.
    Crumbled feta cheese.

    For sauce, combine 2oz olive oil, 3 tbsp lemon juice, 2 pinches of oregano, a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper.

  7. We add chickpeas to our greek salad, the rest is the same. We eat this too, just not on chag.

  8. Must be Chinese with all the X's then... I'm one of those stupid Americans who don't know the difference.

  9. Yeah you baka gaijin. And even in Chinese, most are zh. Speaking of, Timothy Zahn. Your husband will approve.

  10. A bit late for the cheeze warnings, eh ?

  11. Nope, right on time, for maximum hilarity next year.

  12. I just want to put in a "Amen" to everything you said. ;)

  13. reminds me of the Chanukah story, with the wine and cheese.

    I didn't know people eat a lot of cheese, I thought they ate cheesecake.

    But yes cheese is made of mold so I can imagine it being unhealthy to eat much of.

    and Moshe you should seriously make a cookbook!

  14. I'm not your typical people. Dafina, sheep head on Rosh Hashana, etc.

    Cheese is not made from mold, it's made from curdled milk but some cheeses have mold on/in them.

    Actually started one on lulu. Too lazy to finish though.

  15. yea, I know

    ahh I see

    that's cool, I guess when you get more excited about it then you'll finish it.