Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MTA SPAM, Part 2

On March 23rd, I wrote about mta_nyc account on twitter tweeting spam together with the regular service announcements.  Recently, I got a reply from MTA that that account is not official and MTA is not responsible for the SPAM.

I don't remember if I checked MTA's info site or not, this is not what this post is about.  I emailed MTA about their website possibly being hacked on March 23rd, the reply came, brace yourselves for this one, on May 14th.  It took MTA over a month and half to respond!  Not only that, but the url for the official site listed in the response was misspelled!

This is what happens when you have a monopoly.  A month and a half waiting time for email inquiries, buses and trains being late up to and over half an hour, half the subway being out of order on the weekends, AC not working in the summer, one technician installing a sign while four others stand around doing nothing, dirt, stink, filth, and always rising prices.

How bad are MTA buses?  Both times wife gave birth, I would start walking from Maimo and meet the bus two to five blocks later.  When working in Brooklyn Navy Yard, I would start walking from Prospect Park and meet the bus halfway, two thirds of the way, two blocks from work, or not at all.  Sinai Academy, Bay Parkway and 79th bus stop, sometimes would meet the bus halfway, sometimes not.  Three or four buses coming at the same time.  Bus driver trainees driving buses full of people.  The moron almost hit a car because he doesn't know how to make a turn!  95%  of the subway not being wheelchair/stroller accessible.  What's the point of that 5%?

Yes, there are new buses and new trains, but the quality of service always stays the same.  The only thing MTA guarantees is an increase in price.


  1. True to what you said, but you have to admit that sometimes things work well. Not often, but sometimes.
    The worst, though, is when you're waiting for a train for an hour during rush hour and then they announce that there's a problem somewhere on the track and that you have to find another way home. I feel sorry for those people who's only way home is that one train.
    The best part is the stampede to the booth to get a free transfer ticket. The line is huge and you would probably have to wait another hour by the time the agent explains to every person what detour they should take to get home.
    Well, at least they have the courtesy to do that.

  2. How to partially alleviate this problem? Install bus maps at each station. But MTA is too cheap/lazy to do this.

    Was stuck at a train station relatively near my house and could've even walked home. But, no map and had no idea where exactly it was located and which way to go.

    Now they're raising the fare by 25%, though the plan was to raise by 50%, and closing some stations completely and others will be closed at night. Also firing a lot of both clerks so now no one will tell you how to get home.

  3. My father was talking to me about the MTA's bad service, why it's like that, and I forgot what he said. But it made sense. That it's not the MTA's fault or something. I'll have to ask him about it again.

    But yes it is annoying to have to wait a long time for buses to come.

    you can get pocket maps...

  4. You can, but where you gonna get one and it's a hassle making sure you have one with you.

  5. you can print the map online, or they have pocket maps, I have one that I never used and not sure where it is now

  6. See, you can't find it. Print the bus map online? And be able to see anything on it?