Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sinai Reunion - R' Vashovsky's Class of 1992

Zev Shifrin had an idea of doing a reunion.  Possible places for this, Benny's, Shapira, kosher hooka bar on Coney Island.
If you're interested, comment.

Interested in attending:
Zev Shifrin
Moshe Ruzin
Alex Shafir

On a sidenote, I've been running a Sinai/BHI alumni directory site, add yourself.


  1. I'm Interested

    Alex Shafir

  2. "Hooka", as in "Hooker's Girls"?
    Is that what they have there?
    Where are the rest of the students?
    Why are you, Moshe, stil proud that you went to "Sinai "Academy"", even you list it on your CV?

  3. Hooka as in Narghile.

    Go ask them.

    Why not? And stop using abbreviations that no one knows or I'll delete any comments you make.