Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wherever he goes, nothing left around but bullet holes.
Get out of my way if you want to see the end of today.
It's good day to be a gangsta
My old lady


  1. very gangster costume!

  2. I can't recognize the gangsta with his new haircut!

  3. He is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  4. He looks so different with his hair cut!

    very cute!

    Did you wear a matching costume?

  5. You do undestand, of course, that he will be brainwashed in schools(Mir "yeshiva" elementary "school", right?)against you and your wife; would demand kollel for life, no secular education above elementary school level, etc., etc., etc.
    It's not late to stop all that by getting out of "Brooklyn", in particular NOW, when the so-called recession will undermine panhandling lifestyle of Flatbushism/BoroParkism.

  6. Who says he's going to Mir or that I ever went there?
    Looks like you really miss Mir and KMY, if not for them your life would be boring and uneventful and you'd have nothing to bitch about.

  7. My life would be even more boring with KMY or Mir; I left very bad memories about myself there. It's just that I know you from that places, so it provides some point of reference.
    I had have PLENTY to bitch about, my local relatives among other things.
    As a matter of fact I nearly have forgotten about KMY after Vitaliks skipped town.
    Just there are quite a plenty of KMY/Sharei "Emuna"/Darchei Avoiseinu people on the "Internet"/Facebook, Boruch Hashem