Monday, October 27, 2008

Inline commenting

Looks like Blogger finally added the one thing that was missing from the new inline comments form. To the right of the "preview" button there's now a subscribe link. This not only adds subscription to the inline comment form but is a great improvement over the current way of subscribing to comments. Now you don't need to leave a comment to subscribe to a post's comments.


  1. making blogging even more addictive.

  2. this type of commenting doesnt allow comments on my blog.

  3. MikeInMidwood: no wonder when I tried commenting it didn't work. Could be some technical thing.

    Moshe: I didn't even think of that, now that might cause less comments, cause people may just subscribe instead of commenting, but if they had nothing to say anyways then I suppose it's not any less comments and then they may have something to say to comments afterwards so normally they wouldn't have checked and now they are, so yea it can be good!

    Blogger is getting places!