Sunday, October 26, 2008

How I spent my holidays

My Yom Kippur besomim. I find a lemon with cloves stuck into it at random absolutely boring. It's so much more fun to make some kind of a design, like my lopsided magen david.

While you can make shehecheyanu on the same boring starfruit or sabra, it's not so hard to actually get something new and weird.
The scaly banana, don't remember what it's called, tasted like pineapple, but, left a stinging sensation on my lips and in my mouth. The dragon fruit was very good. It tasted more or less like a kiwi. The other fruit, don't remember the name, was somewhat sour.

The centerpiece of my semanim is always the rosh kever. Unlike the toothy lamb's head, I find the whitefish head absolutely disgusting. A lamb's head is more proper, tastes better and is a great way to freak out guests. And yes, I do make everyone eat a piece.


  1. very cool besomim. and nice magen david I almost missed that.

    where'd you find those fruits?

    the lamb's head is freaky looking and I didn't know you actually eat from it!

  2. we had the dragonfruit too... it was tasteless and slimy.

  3. babysitter,
    Banana from M and 18th, the others from Mountain Fruit.

    I told you I eat it. You thought I was kidding?

    Really? I thought it was pretty good.

  4. Moshe: o, cool, I thought it must have been some store I didn't hear of.

    I guess I forgot that you said you eat it.

    But I remember you said you put lamb in your chullent, so not surprising that you would eat it.

  5. moshe- that lambs head looks disgusting!! lol. Oh well. I didn't have to eat it!!

    Abotu the fruit. My father is so obsessed with trying fruits, that when it comes to Rosh HOshanah, we have nothing to say a shechyanu on, cuz we literally eat all the stuff throughout the year. its a pain in the butt.

    Oh well.

  6. You can always go to ethnic stores like China Town or Jamaican stores on Washington avenue.

  7. Fish is good I like to have the eye of the fish its the best part you should try.

  8. Thanks for inviting me for chol homoed, Moshe. I like the look of your besomim thingy for Yom Kippur, looks like a porcupine (yozhik). Alan

  9. about the besomim it's so interesting cause I'm starting to see that all over the place. i was babysitting today and I saw they had the same thing too. seems popular. Perhaps I should try it too.

  10. I've been doing it for at least 3 years. I think my mother got it from horeini orginally.

  11. Not sure...
    Rebbetzin Lerner, or something like that, runs it. And they have Rabbi Rapps giving shiurim.

  12. OK, this is an old blog, but I usually go to China Town to get new fruit. I like Rambatan (or something like that) which we call monster berries. My cousin goest to Sunset Park to the Spanish section. I think I will ask one of my Spanish workers to pick something up for me.

    I also like heads both fish and lamb. The eyeballs of regular not smoked fish is good. A bit too fatty from salmon though.

    We like different types of honey. Last year we had 3 different types of honey on the Yom Tov table. I bought a bunch this year as well.

  13. Wow! You're like the only person I know, other than me and a couple of my friends, who uses lamb's head!

    China Town's too far and I'm too lazy. So end up paying x20 :-(

    Best honey so far, Trafagen's, but it's upstate. I mostly buy Honey Brother from Golan.