Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sixth Sense

I received an interesting email from a client. I made an online application for this client for managing a database of client and workers. There's 3 ways to find a worker, application number, name and url.

The email was from the manager and the problem that she was having is that she entered the wrong application number when she was entering a worker and if I could fix it. That was the email. No application number entered, no correct application number, no worker name and no url. The whole request was "I entered wrong application number, please change it." Well, I feel kinda flattered, she thinks I'm psychic. Then again, this is the same client that has personnel copy/pasting the page when I ask them for url and sending the url when I ask them to copy/paste the error on the page.

My favorite is alway the "it's not there" excuse.
"It's not there."
"Yes it is."
"No it's not."
"Read to me the options from the top."
"...oh, there it is!"
Do you read books? Newspapers? Then how come when you sit down in front of a computer you get tunnel vision and see nothing besides the 100x100 pixel square you're looking at at the moment?!