Tuesday, December 25, 2007

2 + 2 = 1

One of my friends was, to put it mildly, quiet upset today. He received a cell phone bill for, drum roll please, $400. I knew that he recently switched carriers and got a new phone and thought that the high number was due to him buying the phone from the carrier and the carrier charging him for this month and next month, not an uncommon practice. Turns out it's his second month. Also turns out he likes to talk, a lot. He's got a 400 minute plan, subtract weekends, that's an average of 20 minutes per day. However, he's been spending an hour to an hour and a half per day! With that kind of usage, you can burn through your minutes in less than a week. What happens with the other 3 weeks? Thirty five cents per minute, at least 60 minutes per day for 15 days plus the $30 plan cost plus taxes, fees, charges, yep, that's $400.

Here's a lesson to all of you, it's 400 minutes per month, not 400 minutes per day. Take a calculator, divide your total minutes by 20, that's your daily allowance. And having rollover minutes only helps if you have minutes to roll over.


  1. Not big surprise here. I am an accountant. I find that very few people can count properly, accountants included. Makes it very frustrating to the rest of us who can.

  2. You're an accountant and you can account?! No way!
    My wife is an accountant and one of my friends is going for accounting. Both don't know math.
    I went to mountain fruit with the guy and he needed to buy toilet paper. He looks at price, $6. Looks at number of rolls, $12. Then he looks at me and says that $2 per roll is too freaking expensive.
    I was like, "dude, wtf you been smoking and why you not sharing it with me?!"

  3. lol! your friend sounds pretty funny! All I can say is, I wish I was that cell phone provider and he has more friends who are like him who'd like to get phones from me...
    And, btw, where did he go to school? [subwife has issues with american education but still $6 for 12 rolls @ $2 per roll. that made me ROFL!!!!]

  4. Where else, Brooklyn College. The same Brooklyn College where I had a Logic class where the professor was too lazy to make up homework and just gave multiple choice homeworks. The midterm and final were the same homework questions with the answers switched around. Some people actually failed!!!