Sunday, July 12, 2015

An unintentional missile

"The others found their chairs and slid neatly into them. Except - inevitably - for Carson Clinkscales, who managed to trip over what appeared to be his own feet. The ensign fell to his right, and his left arm, windmilling for balance, took Lieutenant Commander McGinley's GSN cap off her head. The heavy peaked cap catapulted across the conference table, hit the polished surface, slid past Andreas Venizelos' reaching hand with demonic precision, and struck a carafe of ice water dead center. The unintentional missile had just enough kinetic energy to knock the carefe over, and water exploded from it as the top some steward had neglected to fasten properly popped clear. Three different people clutched for the carafe, bot none reached it, and Captain Greentree gasped as the container rolled off the table and an ice-cold fountain inundated his lap."
Weber, D. In Enemy Hands 169.

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