Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Does the bell toll for Cuomo?

The primaries are over and Cuomo is the winner...or is he?

I see comments about Teachout either winning or gaining over 30% in various counties upstate, Manhattan, and Staten Island. Teachout's win in Albany is surprising. I'm not very surprised by Manhattan leading New York City in opposing the man responsible for their sorrows.

Why do I think that Cuomo's out? The interesting point about the primaries which nobody mentions. In the whole state of New York, less than 550 thousand people voted. That's even worse than last year's mayoral elections in NYC when in a city of 8 million, out of 2.5 million regular voters, only 1 million voted. What this indicates to me is that Democrats may have refused to vote on principle.

Who was there to vote for in the primaries? Cuomo the Corrupter, Teachout the Socialist, and Credico the comedian who has nothing to do with politics and finds guns scary. Even if I'd be registered as a Democrat I'd have no idea who to vote for. And so it seems that a lot of Democrats decided not to vote at all.

After not voting for Cuomo, will the Democrat again not vote in November, or will they vote for Astorino? Teachout promised to fight Cuomo's corruption, but she's also a socialist. Astorino promised to fight corruption, drop taxes and increase jobs, something he already did, as he promised, in Westchester. Not only does Astorino have a proven record of turning things around, but he was actually elected by Democrats, while running as a Republican.

Does New York have a bright, new, future? I hope so.

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