Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vader's Wife

This afternoon, Vader's wife showed up claiming we're moving things for hours in kids' bedroom and it's disturbing her grandson's sleep.

Looks like in their native Elbonia, people have not yet learned to tell time accurately, as we were only home for about an hour.  The "moving things" was actually kids playing, some of the time, in the bedroom.  Though maybe the Elbonian language is not rich enough to express such concepts as "kids playing".

Apparently neither Vader, nor his wife, have any manners.  A normal person, would go, apologize, and ask for people to be quieter because baby is sleeping, and not make assumptions and accusations.  Ironically, both of them claim to be nice.  I wonder how people in Elbonia normally talk to each other if they consider this kind of behavior "nice".

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