Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorable Memorial Day

To start the day off right, Shlomik woke up at 6:30am and demanded cartoons. Since he was going to day care and not staying home, I decided to give him what he wanted and go back to sleep. I woke up to the disturbing sight of Nochum walking around the room. Disturbing because wife was asleep and so was I and the rail on the crib was up. Apparently, Shlomik somehow managed to get Nochum over the rail and out of the crib without either of them falling.

In the afternoon, we went to a meet at Amazon Cafe on Quentin and E 12th. There won't be any more meets at Amazon, nor am I interested in patronizing it by myself.
After a glass water carafe was accidentally broken, the staff didn't bother cleaning the table of off glass even though there were kids sitting at it.
The selection of beer is a joke and so are the prices. $5 for Heineken and $5 for Corona.
I ordered nana tea and I would assume that for $2.75, they'd be able to afford something better than Lipton.
To top off the quality service, the waitress, who was not busy, or rather was busy posing for pictures, refused to split the check, claiming we were a party of 7 and the check could not be split. I assume her extensive knowledge of mathematics, led her to believe that 15% off of $100 is higher than 15% off of 4 checks adding up to a $100. She did, towards the end, offer to make 2 checks. As I said, she was extremely busy.
She also forgot to bring one of the drinks.
Interestingly enough, even though the waitress called us a party of 7, we were only a party of one:
Amazon cafe refused to split bill into separate parties. on Twitpic
Incidentally, after looking at Amazon Cafe's website, the bad service is no surprise. The site seems to have been made by a 10 year old, and not a talented 10 year old but one of those designer wannabes from myspace.

After the meet, we went to avenue U China Town to restock on some green tea. I made sure to bring a backpack, which was put to good use as I also bought two six packs of Chinese beer, and one of Thai.
Near the train we saw some fresh, steaming kaka:
Fresh, steaming ka ka on Twitpic

Since there's no uptown service at U, thank you MTA for charging more for less, we took the train to Sheepshead Bay. Our misadventures continued when, after getting off the downtown Q and crossing to the uptown side, we were met with a station and train full of people, cops on the scene and more cops pulling up outside. Apparently there was a fight and someone got stabbed.
The place was crawling with cops and we decided that it would be faster to walk to Ocean Avenue and catch a 49 bus. 2 overfilled buses drove by without stopping and we decided to walk. As we walked from Z to U, I called several friends and finally got through to one who graciously agreed to pick us up.

It's good to be home.

Just found out that the person's item who left early was not removed from the check and the place actually stole money from us.


  1. I've been to amazon like 2 years ago, and only had an iced coffee, So I cant say how the service was, dont' remember. but eh place happens to have a good rep...

    You shoulda gone to Renaissance!! THe food is great there!!!

  2. After, I commented on the event thread that I'd rather host the next one than going somewhere. Cheaper and quieter.
    For previous meet, we went to C&G and couldn't hear what anyone was saying. Amazon was a little better in the noise department. Still, there's no place like home. :D

  3. ahh. so thats what happend on the q train this evening. someone got stabbed. when i got out at kingshighway they said there was no manhattan bound service so i just walked home from kingshighway.

  4. We should've just walked to U and Ocean initially...

    Twitter's awesome for latest news. While on the platform, went on twitter and searched for "sheepshead bay q" and "q train".

  5. I was inclined to give her a 0% tip, but in these difficult times we are forced to listen to our weaker err.. better halves.

  6. The ole ball and chain, dragging da man down. ;)

  7. So let me get it straight... you stole a receipt from a very fat man who ordered lots of food at Amazon Cafe and then you had a nice exercise thanks to innovative thinking of our elective officials.

  8. Just found out that the person's item who left early was not removed from the check and the place actually stole money from us.