Monday, March 22, 2010

Removing a fraud alert with Equifax

After mailing a request for removal of a fraud alert, I received a letter that I would need to send in 2 pieces of ID to verify identity and current address. I called the number provided for questions, 877-528-6479. Seems like this is only accessible if you have a confirmation number.

I asked if I can fax in my IDs and was told that I can fax the IDs, with confirmation number and request to 888-826-0573. This is for both removal of alert and update of information.

It may be possible to do the initial request via this fax number. Information I sent in the original letter was name, social security, phone and address.


  1. You don't know the half of it. Experian's even worse. Was transferring Verizon to new place, we're moving. While they had no problem take my money all these years, they absolutely had to verify my identity for the transfer. They do verification using Experian and since BofA morons put a fraud alert without a contact number, I had to call Experian. Except the number I got from Verizon was for Experian's free credit report department, who gave me the main number where the system refused to connect me to an operator because I didn't order a credit report. Called Verizon and told them that I can't reach Experian and it's their problem, not mine. They ended up verifying me with Equifax.

  2. I agree equifax is conducting fraud in order for you to purchase products from them. Every year out of no where I keep getting a chase account on my credit report that no one else never ever reports only they do. I then have to log into their website and pay for a report. They constantly leave messages on my phone to renew my payment information with them when i don't need their services. It's the same story every year and they tell me to call chase and chase says they don't have me in their system.

  3. You get a free report by law every year...