Sunday, June 7, 2009

Analytics Keywords

What is porn - If you have to ask...
Frum bochur porn - One of those rabbis? An "aidel maidel"? What about kollel guy porn? No takers?
Free porn dirt mta - MTA is giving out porn? Maybe they should charge for it instead and lower the fairs. (6 searches for this!!!)
Five things usps ups minyan - What? No, seriously, what?
Is usps faster than economy? - That would be a no. USPS is not even faster than a tortoise, forget about the economy.
Jewish frames digitalised free - Are you asking about getting pictures digitized? Digital frames? You want them free too? Are Jewish frames harder to digitise than non-Jewish frames?


  1. it is hard to follow your train of thought. You seem to know what you're talking about, but I can't figure it out.

  2. Analytics keywords. You have a blog, you don't use visitor tracking? Create an analytics account and paste code in "Edit HTML", right above </body>.

  3. btw, I was reading an article that said how someone left twitter because of all the bots out there.

    The second one - could be they were looking up to see if it's permitted. I remember reading someone blog about it, if you should call off a date because you found out the guy looks at that, or something like that.

    o, and I also saw an article about dangerous search terms, that seem innocent...

    I haven't checked my stats in a long time...
    I got one that fits your category: "chassidish girls pictures"

  4. A guy looks at frum bochur porn?! Definitely a good reason to call the date off!

  5. Moshe: lol, no, I meant that could be a girl was googling those search terms to see what people have to say about a frum guy looking at p0rn

  6. Sure she was. And she was making sure he didn't have any of his pictures online, right? Though to do that, gotta look through all of them. ;-)