Sunday, September 28, 2008


Our shul follows the kabbalistic version of the order in which the simanim are eaten on Rosh Hashanah. It makes more sense halachakli too, why would you eat an apple before a date. The order is taken from Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer's book Kaf Hachaim.

First, the brochot are made, haetz on the dates and haodama on the leek.

After the brochot, the order is the following:
  1. Silka (beets) - Sheyistalku oyveinu umastineinu.
  2. Karti (leeks) - Sheyikartu soneinu.
  3. Temarim (dates) - Sheyitamu soneinu.
  4. Kra (yellow squash) - Sheyikoru roa gzar dineinu, vayikoru lefoneiha zehuyoseinu.
  5. Rubiya (black-eyed peas) - Sheyirbu zehuyoseinu.
  6. Rimonim (pomegranates) - Shenarbe zehus k'rimon.
  7. Rosh Keves (head of sheep) - Shenihye l'rosh v'lo l'zonav.
Shana Tova!


  1. there's a jamaican salad with black-eyed peas, yellow squash, and leeks.

  2. How far are you and family willing to walk on holidays +/- shabbat?

  3. And I got Jamaican beer.
    Post recipe.

    Not that far and Dina already asked first, 10 minutes ago.

  4. Grin. I saw Dina's question that's why I asked...It was worth a try. Plus, the holidays are just beginning...

  5. I've never paid attention to the order before. But my brothers into kaballah I'll show this order to him.

    My favorite new fruits are the pomegranate and sabra.

    Shana Tova!

  6. Wow, you're not even trying. Those are not new fruits.

  7. The new fruit for me is also sabra and then maybe something else.

  8. We ALWAYS learned thar shevas haminim go first? Can you explain the contradiction? Or is kabbalah beyond that.

    Do you really do all the simonim (head of sheep?)?

  9. I showed my brother the order, and he said that's the one everyone does.

  10. si, will post pics later, if not too lazy.

    babysitter, dunno who he considers all, but artscroll siddur, mahzor, kitzur shulchan oruh, booklets in judaica stores and about every other source has a different order, the one where the apple is first. Also we've been by different people and they all did the traditional order. I guess your brother doesn't have many friends :-P