Sunday, August 31, 2008

D'avino cement mixer music video

Shlomik absolutely loves this video


  1. I can see why he would love this video.
    1- it has trucks
    2- it has cement which looks like sand
    3- when the cement trucks turn it looks like those rattle toys babies play with.
    4-It's really cool to watch them put that stuff into the cement truck, it looks like its feeding itself.
    5-Altogether its cool to watch, children always like watching workers fixing stuff.
    6-It had relaxing music for the most of it.

  2. 1 Yes
    2 No
    3 No
    4 Yes, kinda
    5 Yes
    6 He does like music

    Actually, he loves big machinery, trains, streetcars, garbage trucks, etc.
    When the workers by Pomegranate finally took the fence down, I went there with him. They left a small excavator. He had a field day getting an upclose look and touching stuff. I tried explaining to him what everything does and how it works. I think he got some of it.
    In Moscow, there's a sort of museum with construction machinery, among other things. Unfortunately, nothing like that in NY.