Friday, July 18, 2008

Cafe Press - Ookami Kanji, Neko Kanji

A while back I created a couple designs and created free stores on cafepress to sell them.  I forgot about them and haven't checked if anyone made any purchases.  Today, for some reason, I decided to see what's going on.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that people bought six items.  Because of cafepress' sales report's limit of viewing only three months at a time, I'm not sure what sold.  I was able to find two sales, both were of my neko kanji on a cat's paw design.  Neko is cat in Japanese and kanji are Chinese character used in the Japanese language.

I made five designs.  Two Japanese designs, kanji for ookami (wolf) with a wolf's paw print as background and kanji for neko (cat) with a cat's paw print as background.  I also made three computer baby designs, one of which needs to be updated, if I ever get to it.  The three designs are "baby" in binary ASCII and year 2006 in binary in the form of a pacifier, "baby" in binary ASCII with hex code for blue at the bottom and "baby" in binary ASCII with hex code for pink at the bottom.

I've been thinking of several other designs but never got do to creating and uploading them because I thought nobody was buying my previous designs.  Maybe this will be the incentive I need to finally put them on "paper".


  1. how cool :). I really like the pacifier one :)

    I was thinking about getting a cafepress shop as well. I just really have no patience. I have a few sayings I would like to put on a Tshirt, but I don't have time to create them to look decent.

  2. One of my friends is a loyal supported of cafe press...

  3. very cool, do you have one of those for your kid?

    I didn't even know you can make t-shirts like that.

  4. I really should. Can use it for advertising.

    fs, use photoshop.