Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Three weeks

Finally the three weeks are over. Now I can go back to listening to kawaii radio, eating meat and being able to trim my moustache which is getting in the way of my eating.

Tisha B'Av was ok. After coming home from shul, caught up on my webmanga and read Komanda by Yuriy Pogulai. After ma'ariv, we had some cake and drinks in shul. When I came home I had a beer, just like last the fast. I like being different. I wonder, am I the only person who thinks the tune of Eli Tzion is that of a war hymn. Each year, when we sing it, I imagine an army of Jews walking down the streets and killing anti-semites.

Of all the prohibitions during the three weeks and omer, the hardest for me is music. I don't shave and only trim my beard Fridays when I'm not too lazy. Music, however, is my daily companion. I'm listening to kawaii radio or some other music when I'm at home or working and I have my Creative Nano for when I'm outside.

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